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Mapledurham Watermill has always produced whole-wheat flour. This flour has much to commend it as it retains all its valuable fibre in the form of bran, the brown outer husk of the wheat, and all its proteins and vitamins, much of which lies in the lightly pinkish inner skin and in the wheat germ. The extraction processes to which modern white flours are subjected removes  much of these valuable constituents.
Careful cool milling with our original French Burr millstones produces superb flour.

100% Wholemeal
Excellent for bread, scones and biscuits
 81%  White Flour
 This is 100% wholemeal flour which has been passed through a dressing machine which separates out  the white flour,   semolina and bran. It is ideal for sponge cakes, pastry and a lighter loaf of bread.
  Millers Mix
 This is a blended combination of bran and semolina, packed with goodness which is ideal as a desert or  an alternative to   porridge
 A rich source of fibre, perfect for baking and adding to breakfast cereals.
 Makes the most delicious puddings and can be added to shortbread recipes. Also sprinkle on part boiled  potatoes, then roast   them in the oven and they will go a wonderful golden brown.

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We always have a stock of our superb mill produce, locally made crafts, guide books, postcards and unusual souvenirs/ gifts and of course our very own recipe book  written by the millers wife!

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