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The Last Commercially Working Watermill On The River Thames


            A very rural location yet situated just 4 miles north west of Reading, Mapledurham Estate offers visitors              the opportunity to visit the last working watermill on The River Thames, Archimedes Hydro Turbine and             St Margarets Church  . A tea room and watermill gift shop are also on offer. Visitors may arrive by boat                from nearby Caversham, coach or car. You should allow between 1 - 2 hours to visit the attraction .


              LOCATION & TRANSPORT

    Mapledurham is 4 miles northwest of Reading, just off the A4074. Visitors may also arrive by boat from nearby Caversham. To use this services, first please check with the boat company that they are sailing (on rare occasions they may not be). They are Thames Rivercruise and can be contacted on 0118 9481088. Boats normally leave Thameside Promenade (parking available) at 2 p.m. and depart Mapledurham at 5 p.m. For those using the road to access Mapledurham, please visit our website to view a map . Please note that there is no public transport to Mapledurham. The nearest train station is Reading and it would then be necessary to either walk approximately 10 - 15 minutes to the boat, or take a taxi from the taxi rank. Costs vary but it would be approximately £15 each way from Reading station. For visitors using a Satnav to find us, please use our post code of RG4 7TR. However, please DO NOT follow Satnav instructions that direct you to The Warren - (No Through Road) or Purley (wrong side of the river). You need to be on the A4074

               PARKING & ARRIVAL

      There is ample parking at Mapledurham. Visitors will arrive at the main gate and be directed to the nearby car park or coach park. . Your guide will meet you once you are parked  at which point they will introduce themselves and explain the plan for your tour. The main car park is part grass, part hard standing and there is room for some 100 cars. Further parking, if needed, is available just beyond the main car park and is a grassed area of several acres. Visitors who require parking facilities closer  should enquire on arrival and will be directed to a disabled car parking area. This is sufficient for at least four cars. If visitors need to get even closer to the toilets and tea room, it is possible to park in the estate office complex

      For those arriving by boat, there is a landing stage at which the boats tie up and at this point you will be met by your guide. There is then a concrete path leading to the main gravel drive.




The tour will commence on the main driveway before heading onto the front lawns of the Manor House, a walk of some 100 metres. At which point the miller will  speak for about 10 minutes then lead the visitors to the entrance of the house.

Mapledurham House

To enter the house there is a set of 5 stone steps, a section of which are covered by a 1 metre wide ramp to allow wheelchair access through a set of double doors 1.4 metres wide. Once inside the miller will walk the visitors through the rooms on the ground floor, if the party visit the chapel , there are 4 steps down going in and this is also the way out through a doorway 0.85metres wide.

The staircase leading to the first floor is 2.3 metres wide and is divided into 4 landings with a total of 33 risers. The tour will then make its way through the first floor rooms before starting to descend the rear stairs. A short flight of stairs of 8 risers 1 metre wide is followed by a larger staircase 1.6 metres wide divided into 2 landings with a total of 24 stairs. After having passed through the dining room the party will leave the Manor House by the main entrance in the hallway, where they came in. It is then a walk of some 80 metres to the coach house tearoom and toilets.




The tour will commence on the main driveway before heading to St Margarets Church a walk of some 50 metres.

St Margarets

The church is approached by a gravel pathway leading to a set of double wooden doors, inside which are 2  stone steps down to a set of double swing doors taking you into the main part of the church. Egress is  by the same way. The group will then make their way to the watermill accompanied by their guide a walk of some 70 metres

The Watermill & Gift Shop

       The miller will also escort the visitors to the mill ,the door to the watermill is 84 cm wide and is also for egress. There is an internal door of 73 cm wide and ten stairs to the first floor and down. The stairs are slightly steep and care should be taken. There is limited seating available inside the mill which may be used during this part of the tour. The gift shop is located inside the watermill and will be available once the tour has been completed.

The Turbine

Access to the turbine is via the doorway at the end of the watermill building and along a gravel pathway. The doorway has a 15 cm ledge to be stepped over.

When the tour  and browse of the gift shop is complete the group will make their way to The Coach House Tearoom a walk of some 100 metres  



               COACH HOUSE TEAROOM

      The tea room is situated to the side of the old manor house and near to public toilets some 100 metres from the watermill.

        There are twelve picnic benches with fixed seats located outside of the tearoom on a level lawn area and enough patio style chrome furniture to seat 50 people located in the courtyard area behind The Coach House .  

      Access to The Coach House is via the entrance to the Stables which is 100 cm wide ,the doorway is 86 cm wide.  The Coach House consists of 2 main seating areas the other being The Tack Room  where the doorway is 87 cm wide and has an uneven flag stone floor. There is a ramp to the egress on the other side of the coach house which .provides the route to the toilets.   



             PUBLIC TOILETS

     Toilets are provided as follows:

      Facilities Trailer In Courtyard. 

       These are situated within the seating area of the courtyard and provide  running water to the hand basins and flushable toilets. They consist of both ladies and gents and are accessed via a non slip ramp which is 119 cm wide.  Also in the courtyard is a disabled portaloo located within a brick structure . The doorway is 118 cm wide.  The cubicle doorway is then 89 cm wide whilst the portaloo itself is 147 cm x 147 cm in total.  The height of the structure from the floor is 47 cm.  There are two grab rails, one to the right hand side of the toilet and one to the rear.  The floor is non slip.  Sanitizing hand gel is provided.  

      Car Park Area.

        There are several toilets in this area, a brick built toilet block consisting of  male and female facilities, both of which have one step for access.  There is also a facilities trailer which consists of extra cubicles for ladies and  one separate spacious cubicle with easy access via a ramp the door width is 84 cm. The cubicle size is 235 cm x 118 cm and the height of the seat from the floor is 40 cm. No grab rails are fitted. The floor is vinyl.




            The grounds consist of extensive lawn areas some of which border the banks of The River Thames and             also surround the mill pond creating a private island which is accessible whilst viewing the Archimedes          Turbine.Within the grounds are many large and aged specimen trees and some lawn areas are gently                undulating.


Access Statement For Guided Tours At Mapledurham

Please note :  Both guided tours involve a certain amount of walking and standing for periods of time and can involve steps and stairs.